Sumatra Aceh Takengon Gr1

Aceh is a region all of it’s own in the far western extent of Sumatra. The high altitudes and mild maritime influence creates a different growing climate to the Lake Toba area. 

Coffees from Aceh are very dense, with mild herbal and chocolate flavours, typically full bodied and with quite powerful acidity. Combined with the wet-hulled processing, Aceh coffee has a unique flavour profile not found elsewhere in the world,and should be a stop on the journey of any coffee taster. 

 Our Aceh Grade 1 will add full body and acidity to espresso blends.




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Takengon, Aceh

1500 masl

Wet Hulled

80 bags

60kg Jute bag, EcoTech lined

Catimor, Ateng Super, S-795

12.2% and 900g/L

Chocolate, Herbal