Sulawesi Toraja Washed

The island of Sulawesi has a vibrant traditional culture all it’s own, and naturally, a unique profile for the coffee produced in the central-western Toraja zone.

Toraja Utara in the north has the higher altitudes, and most of the coffee is produced on small plots by farming families. 

 Sulawesi coffee is typically fully washed by hand and sun-dried.  The beans are large and even, the cup is generally very clean, with simple flavours and a huge, buttery body. While not produced in massive volumes, Sulawesi coffee is ideal for espresso blends, adding deep body, clarity and texture without interfering in the flavour profile.




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1500 masl

Fully Washed

10 bags

60kg Ecotech lined Jute bag

Bourbon, Pacas, Typica

11.7% and 875g/L

Cocoa, Cedar, Almond