About us

Origin is our home and our passion...

OPAL Coffee began as a small family business in Indonesia, and has grown to become a major producer and exporter of fine green coffees.  From our own Wahana Estate in Sumatra, we grow many varieties of specialty arabica including Rasuna, Typica, S795, and Longberry. We experiment with a variety of processes to push the boundaries of quality and cup for Indonesian coffee, increasing its acceptance as a true specialty origin. Our network of relationships across the islands gives us special access to fine coffees from Sumatra, Sulawesi, Java, Flores and Bali, everything from the Java Government Estates to tiny village cooperatives. Our professionalism has been widely recognized in the green coffee market throughout the world. 

From our buying and processing operations on Java, Sumatra and Sulawesi, we can personally oversee sustainable market pricing and the quality of green coffees. Only high quality raw materials are selected for export, ensuring complete customer satisfaction. In 2010, we established OPAL Coffee in Australia. Our goal was to work directly with roasters to establish close links to origin and open up availability to the best of Indonesia. Whether we supply 1 bag or 300 bags, our reputation for open and honest business has made us a solid partner for many Australian roasters. We have hosted many of our customers in visits to Indonesian producers, to learn about the complex and exciting production side of the coffee industry. On top of facilitating direct trade to coffee roaster importers, we also distribute smaller quantities of blend coffees and micro-lots to boutique roasters across Australia. We are very excited to have now established distribution in the United States, and the initiation of our office in New Zealand.

Over the past decade, we have travelled through Africa, Central and South America expanding our network of producer connections. We are now in a position to offer selections from Panama, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Brazil, Colombia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Burundi and Rwanda. We have established personal relationships with many producers and are proud to offer their wonderful coffees to our roaster partners.